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About Us

Coding Squad, a Hubli based digital marketing agency’s mission is to connect businesses with their potential customers and grow globally through its digital technology. The Coding Squad team has worked with key organizations in the IT, media, educational, conventional, and digital marketing industries. We are majorly into Digital Marketing, Website Designing & Development, Web Applications for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Manufacturing Industry, Real Estate, Builders and Developers and for all kind of businesses and Developing Customized Cloud Based Software where companies can access their data easily. Our website and web application are well-designed so that users may access them conveniently and get the information they need.

Why Coding Squad

The Coding Squad team is committed to providing clients with superior service. We have skilled and knowledgeable strategists managing our digital marketing team and fostering relationships with our clients’ customers. Through our digital marketing methods, we have a solid track record of generating leads, building brand recognition for new businesses, and connecting with a larger number of the audiences that are most relevant to our customers.

Along with website building and software development, Coding Squad also engages in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads, social media marketing and optimization, pay-per-click advertising with Google Ad terms, content writing, and brand creation so that its clients may quickly reach their target audiences. For IT and non-IT grads, we offer career-focused courses including digital marketing, full-stack web programming, and cloud computing architecture. After the training, we offer certificates and job placement assistance.

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